My name is Kate Falvey and I am running for State Senator of MN district 19. I have been a German teacher for 16 years, the past three in Faribault. I live with my husband and two daughters in Faribault as well. I decided to run for office mostly because, as an educator, I find it very important that everyone understands their civic duty as an active participant in their government. As a language teacher, I find communication and discussion very important and something that has diminished as a staple in society during the last few years due to COVID-19 and social media use. My goal is to really listen to concerns and ideas so we can rebuild trust and solve problems together to make our communities stronger.

I am specifically running to make sure that all people in District 19 have confidence their Senator will listen to them, work with them, and fight for them.

My primary issues are education and body autonomy rights. I want to keep private choices private and free from government interference. I want public money to remain in public schools.